Descartes in InRoads - how do you load it?

When you install Descartes with MicroStation SS3, it has a user workspace (ucf) and a shortcut to start MicroStation with it, which works fine (outside of ProjectWise).

But when you install InRoads (SS2 or SS4) with MicroStation SS3, it includes Descartes already so you can't add the regular Descartes software. The variety of Descartes that comes with InRoads has no ucf, and no shortcut -- so how do you load it? I could type mdl load from within MicroStation but that doesn't seem to add anything to the interface like the regular, non-InRoads version would. I can't find any documentation on Descartes in InRoads. The CHM file that comes with it doesn't acknowledge InRoads at all.