[OR] [CR] Permit us to remove source features from terrain models without having access to the original element

Currently, if my terrain model has a break line, in order for me to remove that break line I have to either know exactly which file it came from, or I have to attach all possible files that it might be in. I might not even have that file because I might have gotten this terrain model from someone else.

In my most immediate situation, I have some ridiculous contour lines as source elements. I have no idea where they came from. I have no way of getting rid of them. The only workaround I have in mind is to delete the terrain model and recreate it from the source elements I have hanging around. I can, but I don't want to, because that means I have to go through each file that depends on this existing terrain model and activate the new terrain model.

That is not an acceptable workaround. It wouldn't be acceptable if I had only 5 files requiring this existing terrain model. Far less so since I have scores of files requiring this existing terrain model. Anyone have another solution? I figured it out. The key is in the terrain crossing features report (key-in terrainmodel report features). Since these ridiculous contours were conflicting with real break lines, they showed up, and I can delete the offenders.

Edit: I later found that this solution doesn't always work.

  • A related question is what Edit Terrain Model (key-in terrainmodel edit) is even for. I have a distinct early memory of this tool working, but not in the past year or so. For example, today, when I click the button and attempt to click the terrain model, it says that it's not eligible to be edited.
  • Take a look at this wiki:


  • What is the fallout if I deactivate the survey processing rules? I assume there is fallout, since this wouldn't even be an option (it would be default) if there wasn't.

    Edit: I see as a comment by to that article: "If you reactivate the survey, edits are destroyed."

    And will there be any consideration to adding the functionality of removing source elements without the original source feature being at hand?

  • Alright, so the supplemental terrain model I've been working looks very clean, but apparently I've made an error somewhere in the process of getting it to where it is. I have a break line established that I now regret.

    I created this terrain from individual elements, not from a graphic filter. I have worked on this terrain only within a few sessions, and all break lines that have been incorporated in this terrain model are within the same file as the terrain.

    I attempted to use the same method that I did earlier: I drew a line that crosses the break line I want to remove. I added it to the terrain as a break line. I did Report Crossing Features on the terrain. I found the crossing that I triggered. When I right-click on that intersection, and I say DeleteFeature2, nothing happens except I guess the report is refreshed. No other change is made.

    Any ideas to work around this? Can a fix to this be added to the CR list?

    After adding a couple more elements to the terrain, something very strange happened where the triangles disappeared even though the terrain is set to display triangles. So I went to remove them from the terrain, but after selecting them and then right-clicking to take it to the next step, I seem to be stuck in an infinite loop without a prompt to submit this to Bentley.