OpenRoads Create 3D Design Model Error

Good Morning,

I have been trying to follow Bentley's best practices for file management within the OpenRoads environment, but I am running into an issue. It seems that whenever OpenRoads needs to create a 3D model on it's own, it will fail. If I create a file to contain my alignments, for example, I will start it in a 2D design model. When I go to begin the vertical geometry of that alignment, PowerGEOPAK will apparently try to automatically create the 3D design model needed, but it will hang and hang and eventually quit. If I start the process within a 3D model from the start, I don't have any issues. Is it having trouble finding a seed 3D design model? If so, how do I specify which design model I want to use as its seed?

Any other ideas about why it would fail at this step?


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