Displaying features in Cross Section Issues (Dynamic vs. Static)


I am using InRoads SS4 version and came across a potential bug. The project is utilizing native styles to handle the display of features. I am cutting sections through multiple corridors, and the crossing features (crosses, points, etc) are showing up as expected in the dynamic view. However, when I cut static cross sections, some of the features are missing especially those of the adjacent corridor. If I cut the sections along the native alignment of the adjacent corridor the missing features are present. Is this working as intended? Is this a function of the relative skew of the adjacent corridor? Is there a workaround? I need these features to be present for annotation purposes. Thanks in advance for the insight.

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  • Is there any news on this defect?

    I don't know whether this would work for anything else that has been discussed in this thread, but I found that in my circumstance today, I was able to solve this problem by changing the terrain's class from construction to primary.

    My terrain was showing up in dynamic cross sections just fine, but didn't show up in the static cross sections until I attached a surface template on it. After investigating further, I discovered that I could have skipped the surface template if I'd changed the class.

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