XSL Report format change in ORD

Hi all,

Upon adding my SS4 OpenRoads reports into ORD I have realised there has been an XSL format change. Nothing major, but enough to require editing of all pre-existing report XSLs to work with ORD.

This includes an understandable replacement of the old "inr" namespace with "cif" and some format changes, ie. old "elevationFormat" is now "ordinateFormat". There has also been the removal of the units and precision parameters that previously allowed for hardcoding of units.


NEW = <xsl:value-of select="cif:ordinateFormat(number(GeometryPoint/@elevation))"/>

OLD = <xsl:value-of select="inr:elevationFormat(number(GeometryPoint/@elevation), $xslElevationPrecision1)"/> 

The provided documentation in: C:\Program Files\Bentley\OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition\OpenRoadsDesigner\Default\Reports\ are still just the Inroads report documents - Is there any documentation on the new XSL report format or at least a supplement that we can use to create reports for ORD?

One welcome change is that the report error dialog now points you to what the error is in the XSL which was quite frustrating to pinpoint previously, but some documentation would avoid constant trial-and-error to resolve errors in commonly used reports