ORD - Delivered Design standards


I am busy creating design standards for client specific organizations.

I have started by evaluating the delivered AASHTO standards.

1. Am i correct in saying that  the table data in the "_OpenRoads Training Metric" organization are incorrect?Specifically the tables for the vertical alignment data.

2. the help files have the vertical design standards split by design speed, the delivered data has the vertical design standard split by method i.e. passing sight distance of stopping sight distance. I am assuming the split by method is best practice for the AASHTO standards and that the help images needs to be updated to match the delivered data?

3. The horizontal data has me a bit stumped ("_OpenRoads Training Imperial" ). I understand that the first entry minimum radius is from table 3-7, where is the default radius coming from? I also understand that in the table the radius then talks to a corresponding transition value from table 3.17-b. what are the other values within the table? how would i go about calculating these when creating a new design standard?

Do you perhaps have a pdf that runs through the details of creating the AASHTO design standards? This will make is easier to know what to include and exclude when creating client standards.


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