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ORD, Static Cross Section Help

I am in need of some ORD Cross Section assistance. I have tried more than a few times cutting static cross sections into sheets in OpenRoads Designer without much luck for a result that I can deliver as a final deliverable to our team. 

The sheet files being generated are not being clipped (I think) to the correct boundary. Also, the working elevations ranges are from 1020.00' to 1070.00' but my scale of "104" does not reflect this. 

Also, I set each terrain within my terrain model reference to a different feature definition in my to allow for the identification of the different surfaces in the cross sections, but all of the line weights, types, colors look very similar if not the same. If there a better way to identify these line symbolgies to reflect the different surface types for comparison.  

Can somebody please tell me what I might be doing wrong? Thank you.