When using Openroads Designer, how to bring back side toolbar just like Power Civil?

Could Openroads Designer display side toolbar just like Power Civil? I am not quite familiar with the ribbon interface on ORD, so I want to change back to side toolbar just like what Power Civil looks. See below picture. Some of our customers have the same question.

I searched similar questions, and found that V8i style Tasks could be displayed in MicroStation CONNECT Edition using the configuration variable MS TASKNAVIGATION CONFIGURATION. 

The website is: https://communities.bentley.com/products/microstation/w/microstation__wiki/24481/how-to-display-the-v8i-style-tasks-dialog-in-microstation-connect-edition

And I tried this method on ORD but it did not work. Maybe there is other configuration variable that we could change in order to solve this problem?

Thank you for your help!

  • The above link will work to have Task Navigation Available but ORD does not provide any Tasks so you would only be able to see the Task Navigation in the Drawing Workflow.

    For more information about the Road and Site design tools, visit the Road and Site design WIKI at: http://communities.bentley.com/products/road___site_design/w/road_and_site_design__wiki

  • Hi all,

    Has anyone had any luck setting up some ORD tasks or even just the Microstation ones as per SS4? Although trying to avoid it and get used to the ribbon, would be good to have say the  drawing (CAD) tools as tasks, etc.



    OpenRoads Designer 2022 R1 (10.11)  |  Microstation CE Update 17.2 |  ProjectWise CE 3.4

  • I tried setting this up many version ago. The problem I found was that it caused some workflows to be hidden. I reported this and it was recognized as a defect, but when others tried in later releases, it was still broken. I posted follow-up questions after each release but no one ever replied that the defect was finally fixed, so I stopped worrying about it for now.

    IMHO, the task menus are extremely useful for localized customizations and make the interface more "universal" for dual cad users (Autodesk & Bentley) and should be maintained for that reason, among others.

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  • The ribbon interface is horrible.  I spend more time looking for tools than anything else.  Why would they change this?  Thank God they put the search bar in the upper right.

  • Hi, does anyone know why I do not have the "Task Navigation" option available in my workflow list in ORD?  it is available and working in plain vanilla Microstation Connect Edition, but for some reason not available in ORD.  Both were installed at the same time.  I have ORD version Release 1 Update 8.  I have seen videos where "Task Navigation" is available in ORD (see image 1) but mine shows as (image 2)  I've tried adding the MS_TASKNAVIGATION_CONFIGURATION variable and set to 1, but if, under settings, I choose "Open the Task Navigations user interface" nothing happens.  Also should be noted that, under preferences, "Task Navigation" does NOT show up under Category.  My only guess is this feature is not supported on my version of ORD? But it works fine on Microstation as mentioned which is weird.  Any help would be great as I am a long time Microstation InRoads user and miss this feature in ORD.

    Does anyone know how to get the "Task Navigation" workflow to be available in ORD (image 1)

    Is it not supported in my version Release 1 Update 8.

    IMAGE 1: