When using Openroads Designer, how to bring back side toolbar just like Power Civil?

Could Openroads Designer display side toolbar just like Power Civil? I am not quite familiar with the ribbon interface on ORD, so I want to change back to side toolbar just like what Power Civil looks. See below picture. Some of our customers have the same question.

I searched similar questions, and found that V8i style Tasks could be displayed in MicroStation CONNECT Edition using the configuration variable MS TASKNAVIGATION CONFIGURATION. 

The website is: https://communities.bentley.com/products/microstation/w/microstation__wiki/24481/how-to-display-the-v8i-style-tasks-dialog-in-microstation-connect-edition

And I tried this method on ORD but it did not work. Maybe there is other configuration variable that we could change in order to solve this problem?

Thank you for your help!

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  • MicroStation and ORD are not built on the same version - ORD is always a version or two behind MicroStation.

    It's not true! E.g. the latest ORD 2020 Release 3 is based on PowerPlatform CE U14.4, which is newer than MicroStation itself.

    In my opinion some confusion is based on (wrong) idea that products like ORD are built on top of MicroStation. It's not correct and it was explained by Bentley in different discussions several times already: There is so called PowerPlaform, which is close to MicroStation, but is not MicroStation itself. Every product (MicroStation, ORD, OCM...) is based on this platform, which means not everything what is included in MicroStation is automatically included in other products also. And vice versa, some tools, even when they look like common, can be included (for any reason) in particular product only (like Expression Builder that is available in ORD for several versions, but not in MicroStation yet).

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