When using Openroads Designer, how to bring back side toolbar just like Power Civil?

Could Openroads Designer display side toolbar just like Power Civil? I am not quite familiar with the ribbon interface on ORD, so I want to change back to side toolbar just like what Power Civil looks. See below picture. Some of our customers have the same question.

I searched similar questions, and found that V8i style Tasks could be displayed in MicroStation CONNECT Edition using the configuration variable MS TASKNAVIGATION CONFIGURATION. 

The website is: https://communities.bentley.com/products/microstation/w/microstation__wiki/24481/how-to-display-the-v8i-style-tasks-dialog-in-microstation-connect-edition

And I tried this method on ORD but it did not work. Maybe there is other configuration variable that we could change in order to solve this problem?

Thank you for your help!

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  • I think a lot of confusion could be avoided if all products WERE built on an identical base.

    But they are built on the identical base called PowerPlatform, that is roughly equal what MicroStation offers.

    Nothing like different platforms exists, inside all products is always the same engine, identical both at API and user levels.

    I actually suspect that the platform developments teams are working independently

    Yes, they are independent, but building their products on the same base.

    It means every team can choose what tool from PowerPlatform will be used and will be not used (to switch off specific tool when it makes no sense) or to add own one (both simple tool or completely custom application layer and GUI).

    Maintaining similar but not identical platforms sounds like a slow rolling nightmare of version inconsistency.

    In my opinion it's opposite: The current system provides probably the best balance between releasing schedule (comparing to synchronized released in the past, when at the end, everybody waited for everybody), flexibility (every product team can decide what to (do not) use and what to add) and compatibility (when particular platform feature is supported, it's supported in the same way in all products, including APIs).

    For sure it does not mean it provides 100% satisfaction of all expectations and users' needs (I think no such product or even concept exist, maybe ideas created by people never managing software development and release). Some features can be adopted by different teams in different time (V8i theme), a risk of duplicated development exists (but I guess it's minimal), sometimes (but often from historical reasons) a product use custom technology where PowerPlatform already offered new standard feature.

    It sure seems like it...

    It does not.

    I think a misunderstanding is created by an idea that all products have to be MicroStation + application specific feature. This was concept  maybe used many years ago, but not valid even in V8i times (even when not very visible), but abandoned completely when first CE versions were released.

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