Extract utilities from graphics using utility filter (SUE in powerrailtrack SS4)

Hi there. I am trying to create utilities from 2d line strings in a dgn file, using the utility filter.

If I use the "Create by selection" method there is no problem and the conduit draw as defined in the features and element template. But when I use the filter method nothing happens. From the filter menu I can see what lines should be affected by the filter, and all the correct lines are highlighted. 

I don't know if there is something, somewhere I need to check or uncheck for the program to be able to create utilities from the filter method. All the videos I can find go through the procedure of creating from 2D graphics, does not show any problems by creating from filter.

The filter I'm applying is identifying the layer name, and should create conduits accordingly to what I have specified.

If there is any "oh this thing does not work" or bug that I'm not aware off, and I have to use a different kind of selection method other by layer name I would love to know what it might be.

If anyone has ever had issues similar to this I would love to hear from you.

Regards. Jan Holdorff Nielsen, Denmark.

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