How to input metes and bounds information??

So I'm new to Microstation/Inroads, and it seems the amount/quality of support available online is pretty pitiful. Here ( ) it says that as of Inroads V 08 11 07, 

  • "Geometry > Utilities > Metes and Bounds and Traverse Adjustments were added."

Well I'm using 11 09 and under Geometry > Utilities there's nothing about metes and bounds. I have a ton of plans detailed in metes and bounds that I need to draw up. So far I've been using the line tool with context sensitivity off to input the bearings and distances into the world's smallest text box. It gets it done but very slowly, very easy to make a mistake and very hard to check for errors. What I need to be able to do is make an Excel doc with one column for N/S, one for degrees, one for minutes, one for seconds, one for E/W, and one for distance, plop that into Microstation, and then be able to check if it drew it right, ideally using the spreadsheet as a reference so I can update it dynamically from Excel. Something like this seems like a fairly simple arrangement to me; I can't be the first person to ever want to use a metes and bounds document. Any help is appreciated, thanks!