unsuitable terrain ORD2

Good morning,

I am working with ORD2 . the option of END AREA VOLUMES dosen’t exist in ORD2 so is not possible like in version SS4


I try to do a cross section, using overlay_stripping options, to simulate this type of cubing, in which I have to differentiate what is the unsuitable matertial of the cut and the embankment, to then add it or subtract it from the cut _volume or fill_volume

This is a basic example of what I want to do, in which, you can  see the diference between the two types of terrain unsuitable







The problem is that the cut point from one land to the other would have to look for the intersection between the cut and the fill, as in this example:

I have tried with a null point, that intersects with the Surface and that the components of the unsuitable terrain follow this point but there is always some moment that the null poin escapes the scope of the type section.

Constraints of null point:

For instance

Here is working very well




And here is not working

If this worked, I would get a list of cubic with the different unsuitable material of cut and fill, and only have to add or subtract it according to the case.

You have some suggestion, or I'm complicating myself a lot and there are much easier options.

I am waiting for your reply.