ORD - Still having Issues creating Field Books

I'm still experiencing some issues when creating Field Books in the "Survey" working environment.  I've created two videos showing my attempt from the starting point of creating a new workset and drawing all the way through creating my named boundaries, sheet sets and then, unsuccessfully my field book.  Towards the end of the second video you'll see that I attempted to create a field book in the 3D view and it appears to create it but it never shows up in Explorer.  It does appear though when I click on Delete Field Book.  Please take a look at the two videos and offer any insights you may have on what I'm doing wrong.  Thanks for your help. 

I tried dragging and attaching the two videos here in the editor but apparently the file sizes are two large.  I'll go ahead and post this message and then try to upload the files separately using the directions included in the Secure File Upload Wiki. 

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