Linestring for links in SUE

Hi all. I'm trying to seperate the linestring created within the 3D model of a Subsurface utilities design file. The line is created when you open a profile model of a link, and is placed in accordance with the way you defined your links to be placed (Soffit, Center or invert).

I think it is created in the layer defined by the template for the 3D part of the link. So if I were to have a pink colour for the 3D element of the pipe, the centerline of the pipe would also be pink. My entrepeneur requests that only the linestring is to be wieved, since only "simple" elements can be read by the machinery. I'm guessing he would like the option to only view simple elements of the drainage project.

So if anyone know of a way, to where I can turn off the "cirkular pipe" in the 3D model, control the level of the 3D linestring in the links without changing the level of the modelled pipe or in any way shape or form extract only the centerline of the link, it would be greatly appriciated.

I know I could merge the 3D model of the design file, into a new file and seperate them there, but as we all know extra steps means greater chance of failure and increased cost.

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