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Adding 3D Utility File to a Profile (

I have a 3D utility file that I would like to incorporate into my profiles. Is this possible?

  • Hey Chuck, Are you using SS4 (I believe that is the versioning you posted above). If so, yes and no. You can use Cross Sections, or if it is drainage or sewer, you can create a profilw from a network.

    To do this, you will need to use the Openroads tools within SS4, import utility information by graphics. You can either select a single line at a time, or by levels or by using other filter options to select the lines you would like to import, then there is an option to use the vertex elevations of the line for the elevation of the SUE pipe you are trying to display. 

    If this is a drainage or sewer line, I am not sure how to proceed from there, but if you would like to display this new 3D SUE pipe within your cross sections, you just need to cut sections along an ajoining alignment. Hope this helpws.