OpenRoads ConceptStation: Error: Invalid geometry to create ramp

So I am trying to recreate a road:

I made a road in conceptstation of 5 lanes from left to right (blue, primary road).

Then I made road of 2 lanes from right to left (red, secondary road).

I try to make a ramp connection to connect them. But I get the error: Invalid geometry to create ramp.

When I move the secondary road further away from the primary road, it also does not work.
This sometimes helped in the past, to move the PI's further away and create more distance between the primary and secondary road.

The roads are vertically aligned, so there are no great differences in height.

Can somebody explain to me what this error means? And what I can do to run the functionality correctly?

Also, any other tips on how to recreate this complex interjunction would be appreciated.

Dividing roads comes out really choppy, and the lane markings will come out incorrect. I am using templates of my own, as we have other lane markings in the Netherlands.
When I try to divide a road with 2 of my own templates, the program crashes. 
I can however replace on of the 2 templates by a "Standard" ConceptStation template, that will work but the connection itself will look crazy:

This is why I want to use the connect ramp function.

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