Bugs for OpenRoads Designer Update 4( the latest version)


Recently, I use the ORD U 4 to do a modeling project, and find several bugs.


AccuSnap function:

ORD usually gets dead when AccuSnap function is activated, for example, when creating a corridor and select the position, the cursor will automatically snaps the nearest element which is a reference file and including a lot of line elements, and if snap point is not what I want, I have to move cursor, but sometimes, ORD get dead when moving cursor over the reference element.


Linear Template tool:

If the model that is created by Linear Template tool need to be deleted, once click the delete button, ORD gets dead, and stop working dialog appears.

Besides, the key station can not be applied in the model that is created by Linear Template tool.


3D line style:

Everything is OK in MSTN Update 10, when copy the  *.RSC file to its designated path of ORD, the 3D line style show nothing, but the 3D line style name can be seen in the line style selection dialog.

Exporting model to LumenRT Update 10 

The Exporting model can not be done always successfully , sometimes, the 3D line Style element gets lost.            before re-exporting, I have to zoom in the model close enough, and adjust view windows scale until  the details(3D linestyle) can be seen, then the exporting could be done successfully, but I have to adjust view window many times, and do the exporting many times.


Hope you guys can checks these bugs above, and fix ASAP.

Looking forward to your reply!


Chen Zhengpeng