[IR Ss4] A Bentley Civil Users Guide to Using Map to Reference In or Convert ESRI Geo-database Files

Since Bentley began including MAP with InRoads, I am looking for some assistance as a complete Novice to Bentley Map, so I really want to post here, as others may have had a similar need. When I looked in the Map Newsgroup, the answers seemed to expect a certain level of expertise that I do not have.

Our Mapping unit converted to using ESRI to create our Highway maps. It has been so long ago that they no longer have anyone on staff that is familiar with MicroStation. Since we have lost our source of DGN based vicinity maps, we need to access the ESRI Maps more directly. But these are now in a GEODATABASE format and not SHP files.

So my questions are:

  • Can Bentley Map allow us to reference in these ERSI Geodatabase files?
  • Where can I find an "idiots guide to accomplishing this" manual or book?