Merging files without losing survey data

Is it possible to merge two .dgn files containing fieldbook data without loosing the features of point generated linear features (manage point list, insert point in linear feature, break linear feature... etc.) from the merged file?

I changed the configuration variable "CIVIL_SURVEY_RETAIN_SURVEY_ON_COPY=1." and that is working great by allowing me to merge fieldbook data into a master file, but I'm losing the integrity of the data.

Right now we need more than one CAD Technician working on the same file and the only way to make the file compliant is to have all of the data contained in one fieldbook for a submittal.

By changing the configuration variable (above), we are able to merge different areas of the same project into a master file; however, when you merge a file it always loses the point generated features because the linear features are being converted to graphics (also, the points are also not showing a "data file name" in the element information.)

Having some sort of solution or work around for this issue would be huge for production.