Side Slope Annotation Issues

Hi All

Has anyone gotten the Side Slope Annotation to work since Update 4 (2018 Release 2)?

I've followed the methodology in the video below, but it doesn't seem to apply at all (or even copy the annotation group form the library as a start):

I got this working in Update 2, but not again since Update 4.


  • I am using 2018 Release 3 and the annotation of side slopes is working fine. I have reviewed the link above, and I cannot think of anything missing in it.

    Have you checked 

    1. The annotation group has all the features that define the BOTTOM of the slope listed in the 'Location\Features' category. 

    2. The feature symbology for the features that define the TOP of the slope have the annotation group set in the 3D category of their Properties.

    Note that I have my template set so that the cut and fill points use a 'Feature Name Override' with (say) SlopeLimit as Feature Definition - this will be used in both Points 1 and 2, as the feature is the BOTTOM of the slope in fill, and the TOP of the slope in cut.

  • Hello Mark,

    Recently I took a peek into those 3D annotations and I wonder -

    Have you ever encounter situations where side-slope annotations were drawn incorrectly or didn't draw at all? I'm encountering both of those situations.

    In my 3D annotation I've set Interval to 1.25 and line length to 35. Target is End condition - slope fill edge. That annotation is tied to shoulder edge feature.

    Most of the time it works just fine. However, due to some unknown reasons, sometimes it is not drawing lines at all:

    Or it behaves weirdly:

    In the upper pic I've noticed that the distance between adjacent lines is less than a half of my interval and lines are not perpendicular (tha angle is eg. ~86 degrees instead of 90).

    Did you have same problem using the annotations? I'd be glad for any hints regarding those.

    Im using ORD 2020R1, the file in which im drawing side-slope lines has only road design model and design model-3D attached.



  • I also find this tool very unreliable. Sometimes it creates gaps in annotation, sometimes it doesn't annotate at all... Very unpredictable.

  • Well okay, I had few more minutes to peek into those annotations again after the latest update (ORD 2020R2) and I think I've found biggest issue with those annotations so far:

    Those annotations seek for features outside of theirs corridor!

    On the picture we have 2 corridors - and we can clearly see that sideslope annotation from right corridor's shoulder edge is reaching left corridor's slope fill edge (2 on the picture). It then starts to annotate slope again from right corridor's shoulder to edge of fill (3 on the picture) and again stops when algorithm finds other corridor's edge of shoulder instead of edge of fill (4).

    Still - there are situations when it works fine (1) and fails due to unknown reasons (5 - notice that it annotated it properly on short distance).

    And beforehand someone tells - yes I know that corridors are not clipped to themselves, but what we also noticed - when you clip a corridor with anything via corridor clipping, that corridor's editing performance drastically drops.

    How can I fill enhancement request for a prompt for user whether we want this annotation to include all corridors in dgn or only one corridor (for annotation to seek only inside selected / the corridor in which elements belong to)?

  • Jakub - please submit a Service Request for this issue.

  • Hi Jakub, did you got any solution for this issue? I'm having the same issue, side slope annotation doesn't always draws.

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