Inroads V8i SS2 end condition exception with superelevation doesn't work

first the product details as i am using older version

Microstation V8i SS3 V-

Inroads V8i SS2 V-


I have created a model for an realignment road works. I have a location where I want different end condition solution which I applied with end condition exception tool. The end condition exceptions replaces the original template solution fine but the origin points of new end condition seems doesn't move with the superelevation rotation at the same area. I have superelevation developed with superelevation tools and the pavement rotation is happening at the same area. It seems that the end condition start point from template doesn't follow the rotation but follows the gradeline (verticaly its downhill). I have found other people also had same issue before (almost 7 years ago) on this link 

Superelevation and EC exception problem

I have some screenshot to show what exactly happening. I solved the model with alternate solutions but I would like to know why the end condition exceptions doesn't seem to work with superelevation tool. Is it a limitations of this version? or I am making mistakes somewhere and don't know where to find it? Hope someone can please help. Thanks.

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