[IR Ss2+] Survey TIW Files when Working in ProjectWise

Is there a recommended approach to using the TIW files as used by the SurveyIMPEXPCollection of the XIN file in a ProjectWise environment?

We have been working on getting all parties to work in ProjectWise and our Survey Office has been one of the holdouts. They only want to post to ProjectWise once they have completed their processing and clean up.

Yesterday, I was demonstrating the "ease of use" but in truth, it was the first time I have ever tried to import a survey into InRoads while in ProjectWise. The initial "select file to import" does not use the TIW list for its files of type. And since we use TDS RAW files, I was next prompted to select the type of RAW file it was. This was not anticipated nor expected and I mistakenly canceled it, thinking it was asking for me to select another RAW file to open. Next, the actual "Select another file to open" dialog box appeared. Moving forward, I canceled it, and was greeted with the non-ProjectWise "Select another file to open" dialog box, which I also cancelled and found myself looking at the same thing I was looking at before the whole process was started - an empty file. Except now I had a puzzled look on my face.

Once I slowed down and repeated the process, I realized my mistakes and was final able to walk through the process. But it made me realize that we need to configure our TIW files section of our XIN to eliminate any TIW files we never use and to move the ones we do use to the top of the list. I have done this at the firms I have worked at, but since I only support the survey department, have never had them complain and almost never actually process survey data, I have not had this on my radar.

So if anyone has suggestions, I am all ears. (Well here, it's really "all eyes", but that's not how the adage goes.)