Profile Annotation group "Profile Grid" and Plan Annotation Group "Plan Annotation" not Displaying

I am having an issue which is rather odd, I believe. I am creating base Plan and Profile sheets for our different scales and the sheet creating process is working well (both plan and profile come into the correct position on the sheet, correct horizontal and vertical scales, etc.). However, even though I have assigned Plan Annotation Group "Plan Annotation" and Profile Annotation Group "Profile Grid" through the sheet plan and profile drop-downs (and I am using these Bentley provided default annotation groups for the time being), neither the North Arrow nor the Profile Grid annotation is being displayed. As well, when I attempt to use the sheet.dgnlib for sheet creating from a dgn, the sheet looks great except for these two annotation groups which do not display. interestingly enough, both groups are listed in explorer which is telling me that they have been copied into the active file but are not being displayed for some reason. I even went so far as to delete my upf and all associated files thinking that the issue could be corrupt settings on my end to no avail.

Windows 10 w/ OpenRoads R4,

Thanks in advance for any ideas as to why such is happening.


  • UPDATE: The issue was a simple one and one which I did not think about at the time of the earlier post. As I have been developing OpenRoads for our office, it has been common- of course- to bounce back and forth between the development dgnlibs and dgn test files. As it turns out, I was attempting to display this information in a dgnlib, and once I attempted the annotations within a dgn, all worked well. Just a heads- up for any of you folks who are doing custom development; do the simple things first!