bing maps are not loading

I am trying to use the Background Maps (bing map) in ORD. It is not loading correctly. I have to zoom out extremely large. All I can see is the eastern half of the USA. When I zoom in to my site the aerial image disappears. I have set the correct coordinate zone and logged into Connection Client.

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  • I notice you are getting the No Camera "watermark" instead of the image. I have seen with certain raster reference files, once you get below a certain resolution, the images stop displaying. This is especially true of XWMS images.

    Also, we found that there are plotting settings for raster images that can greatly increase plot times if not optimized to the resolution of the images. We try to match the raster resolutions to the image resolution. For example, we have access to images where the pixels are approximately 6" square. At fifty scale, this is approximately 100 pixels per inch. If we allow the default of raster resolution of 300 dpi, the raster files take about 9 times longer and result in 9 times larger files as it creates new images with 9 pixels for what was one pixel of the original image (3X3). Before we set this process up, we would often get random "no camera" tiles in the output as well. 

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