Inroads profile to excel

Hello. Not sure if it will show up but my name is Daniel and I am a new microstation/inroads user. I've spent most my time using ACAD and Civil 3D.

Using inroads, I have created a profile through 2 surfaces, an existing bathymetry and a targeted flat dredged surface. I have ended with a wiggly profile for my bathymetry and a flat line at -60 elevation for my dredging surface. I would like to come up with an average elevation for my bathymetry profile (flattening the wiggly line) so as to compare to my -60 dredging elevation as a rough measurement of average deposition over the years. I am not sure how to go about this and was hoping someone could chime in if there is a simple way of doing it. I have searched around trying to export the data into a .txt that I could work with but am having no luck. My exports are being done out of microstation so it is not retaining the profile data. Thank you in advance for any advice given.