OpenRoads Designer: Top, Bottom Mesh and Alternate Surfaces in Surface Templates

Are there plans to add Top and Bottom Meshes to Surface Templates?

Are there plans to add Alternate Surfaces to Surface Templates? 

As users are setting up ORD for production.  It would be beneficial to know if Bentley was planning on supporting the creation of Top/Bottom Meshes and Alternate Surfaces from Surface Templates.  Currently, the only problem with Surface Templates is creating the base and subgrade surfaces.  Only one method seems to work, selecting the linear features from a graphical filter. 

I, like many users, model using a combination of corridors, linear templates, terrains and surface templates.  But if Top/Bottom Meshes and Alternate Surfaces only work for corridors and linear templates, why use them?  It is tough to model most roadway projects with just corridors alone.  Surface Templates seem to fill in a lot of gaps where corridor modeling becomes difficult.   I see a lot of confusion out there on how to create sub surfaces.  It would be nice to know if using linear features with graphical filters is the way forward or are Top/Bottom Meshes and Alternate surfaces a future enhancement with surface templates.