ORD R4U6: How do I show flow arrows in the plan view on our roadway ditches?

Does anyone have an idea how we can show flow arrows on our roadway ditches in Open Roads?

  • We use a custom linestyle for our flowline. I suppose it depends on what you want to see.


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  • Thanks Mary.  In InRoads we displayed the roadway ditches as lines from our proposed DTM and then used the annotate command to place arrows on the verticies.  This allowed us to automatically orient the arrows in the direction the water would flow based on the slope of the line.  In Open Roads were you able to automate the display of the custom linestyle you created so that the arrows would orient correctly?  We haven't figured out a way to accomplish this in Open Roads.

  • In the Feature Symbology for the ditch, select an Annotation Group in the "3D" group...

    In the Annotation Group, define a Plan>Linear3d annotation that places a cell at the points.  In the Placement>Rotation Option field, you have the option to orient the cell in Positive Slope or Negative Slope direction.

    After the Annotation group is set up, you run the Model Annotation or Element Annotation commands in the 3D model:

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  • This works great. I would also need to add marks for the lowest and highest points along ditches. But not the global min/max but at every place where arrow change direction along ditches. Looks ORD will only annotate global lowest/highest point along linear feature.

    Is it the way to automatically annotate/mark all min/max point along ditches?

    for now my idea is to add event points at local max min, or create dummy CL with ditch profile set as active and annotate vertical change in plan as a localizator of profile extremums.

    Possibly I miss sth and there is a way to automatically mark min/max along 3dlinear features. Is it? Or shall I log SR for change request.


    using ORD 2021 R1