Question about Linear Stoke Tolerance - PowerGEOPAK (SS4) -

I'm pretty new to SS4 and have a problem with linear stroke tolerance.

I currently have the tolerances set in config as follows:

When I input a fieldbook, all tolerances work just fine.

Problem is, if I either do a "Create Terrain Model from Graphic Filter" or just simply add element to terrain model, it wont adhere to linear tolerances that are set?

How and where can the linear tolerance be set to new items added?  I've seen other post talk about making those changes in properties of elements, but to this point have not seen those options anywhere?

Below is example of adding an element:

Here it is added:

Linear stroke tolerance is not being applied?

Here are the properties of that line once added, no tolerance settings as discussed in other posts?

I have discovered I can use "Convert to Point List Linear Feature" on the features to either side of my GREEN line and then use "Join Linear Features" command.  Using this, the join command will utilize the linear stoke tolerances I have set.  Only problem with this, I have to click each individual line to covert to point list linear feature.  If I identify multiple elements to convert, it will only convert last element I had selected.  Is there a simpler method?  

Guess I ended with 2 questions here.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.