OpenRoads - Site Layout - Final phase - linear template and terrain

I don't understand how in the final phase the template get chosen.  Where can we define the linear template for curb and gutter for the islands?  Also base on what features are the center of the islands created?  I know there is a terrain created from the back of curbs and then a surface template is apply.  

I wanted to change the type of curb but when I changed it for a smaller one by editing the template drop of the linear template, but now there is a gap in front of the curb and also in the back hence my questions.

By default the template that get chosen is named "SITEOPS Curb and Gutter"  but I have looked everywhere and can't find anything about where that come from.  There is no template in the .ITL and no feature definition that have this name.

So where are the setting located? configuration file? xml? dgnlib?

Please clarify this.

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