Openroads Designer - Reporting level differences


I am trying to create a report in ORD 2019 release 1 which will generate level differences between the back of verge in a corridor and the existing ground terrain, which is set as active. I need to be able to set the station interval for the report.

The reports don't seem to pick up the existing ground levels when using Station Offset > Profile Existing and Proposed elevations Report.

Alternatively I have tried creating a horizontal offset of 0 of the verge and setting ground level to follow existing ground level. I set the station I want to report to on the verge and verge offset and reported Vertical Alignment to TIW but this reports points rather than stations.

I also looked at the Vertical Face report but the levels generally seem to be incorrect.

Can I amend the existing report set ups or is there an additional method I can try?
Thank you