Civil Display Browser - Why was it's functionality removed and what is the new workflow?

We recently learned that the ability to repair relationships and remove civil rules from elements was removed from the "Civil Display Browser" key-in functionality in OpenRoads Designer. I have scrubbed the communities and have found no acceptable answer to why this was removed or what the new workflow might be to resolve issues with civil rules.

First of all, the key-in command is hidden and is not something the average user will stumble upon when using the software. I do believe it should remain hidden, but the full functionality was very useful for administrators and power users to resolve problems with civil elements quickly and efficiently. We can’t be expected to send a file to Bentley for analysis every time we come across a corrupted file or element. The time this would take makes it impractical, especially when we had a tool that did exactly what we needed before.  Using the tool can absolutely mess up a file as easily as it can fix it. As they say, with great power comes great responsibility. But to think users that know about the command, understand the information it provides, and know the implications of rules and design intent can't use a tool because it might break something is insulting.

Here is a scenario that I was personally involved in where the repair relationships tool in Civil Display Browser (PowerGEOPAK SS4) saved countless hours of work. We had a rule on our mainline alignment that was corrupted. We had no idea why or what happened but it was causing all kinds of instability with our other files. The alignment is the most important element in any project because of all the elements that reference and rule from it. We had roadway geometry, corridors, off-site models, driveways, side roads, storm sewer, water main, and more, all referencing that one element in some way. Obviously, recreating that alignment would have caused an enormous amount of rework to get the other files to associate to a new alignment. Civil Display Browser was able to isolate the issue and repair the broken rules and the project went on without any interruption.

Another issue we had was after we converted some SS4 projects to the new ORD format. The files had no issues prior to the conversion process but the files were riddled with broken relationships after the conversion. A few files would crash instantly after selecting any element. Luckily, the projects were in their infancy and to recreate them wasn't a major issue but still caused about a week of headache and rework.

So, why the tool was removed in the first place, can it be brought back, and what are the alternative workflows for the scenarios mentioned above?