OpenSite Designer - Landscaping Features?

This month's SIG was very interesting.

Echoing this post, I wonder OpenSite Designer might not pave the way for a landscape architecture BIM app. A lot of the elements are there for a unique offering, especially as Vue Render is being integrated into Mstn which should allow PlantFactory to be leveraged. ContextCapture should be a huge selling point for landscape architects, where capturing context has always been difficult due to the 'non-geometrical' nature of planting and landscaping.

1. OSD has some good tools for vehicular paths via OpenRoads. It would be good to leverage these tools (based on Civil Cells and Templates) to provide tools for pedestrian footpaths. None of the available landscaping apps on the market does this very well. This feature would need to cater to stepped segments along the footpath.

2. Can the Linear Templates (which are based on roadway alignments) be re-purposed to define falls in the landscape? The designer would define ridge and 'gutter' lines and the LT would treat the ridge line as a zero width roadway? Designing the landscaping to have the appropriate falls is always a pain and frankly almost always badly done. Mstn has already got a very useful and unique slope Display Style. The section profile would need to accommodate curved or irregular lines to provide the option soften the slopes. Roadway cambers are curved.

Not sure how all those cambers and car park drainage channels layouts are managed in OSD or SUDA?

3. Can retaining walls be added to the OSD Feature set? Terracing and berms will be standard landscaping tasks.

4. Features like lighting columns, seating, planting would need to follow the terrain elevations automatically. I see that the latest version of SUDA can slave manhole inverts to the a pre-set cover.

Linear features like fences, walls and barriers would need a smoothing tool.

5. OSD also has features for pads and ponds. Great for water features etc. Good combo with SUDA and OpenFlows?

6. ???