How to modify a vertical complex geometry

Hi all,

I'm working on ORD 2019 update 1.

We have created a lot of horizontal and vertical complex alignment for a project.

Many corridor have been created based on these alignments.

Now the design criteria have changed and we need to modify those complex vertical.

We tried to drop the complex vertical( with drawing command), but then the rules get messed up.

We want basically to remove tangent and curves and add new ones in the complex without creating a new complex. Just want to modify the one we've already created.

So far we haven't find a simple way to do that. (it was so simple in SS2). Even with the table editor we can't delete existing tangent in the profile (or modify the lenght for that matter).

Don't want to start from scratch, we have to many manhours in this project already!

Any suggestion.


  • I have had the same issues. We have many corridors linked to our vertical alignments. If the complex is deleted and rebuild all those corridors usually blow up.  As far as editing existing complex elements,  I have had luck removing curves from a complex by changing the curve length to 0 then deleting it.  Next, insert a curve on the remaining tangent.  This is weird workflow but may work for you.  I started creating all vertical geometry from complex by PI and not snapping to anything.  This seems to hold the geometry together better for future edits. At least you can insert and remove PIs without all the odd geometry rules that get apply to individual elements.

    i.e., I was working on a project the other day and one of the vertical curves would not let me edit the PI.  The curve was constrained from the ahead tangent length from PT to PC.  I know this constraint was not the intention.  Why would anyone every want to constrain a curve this way?

    FYI Bentley, As designers we just what to be able to enter PI station, elevation and Insert and remove PI's easily.  That is pretty much it.  We can draw construction lines if needed to figure everything else out. 

  • Hear! Hear!

    The alignment editing tools - both horizontal and vertical - in SS2 were straightforward, flexible and powerful.  The ORD design flow assumes that the designer knows all of the constraints at the time of creation.  In reality the designer rarely has that knowledge.  The significance of the various constraints may not become evident, or may even change, as the design progresses.  The tools need to accommodate this reality without risking hours or days of re-work.  I can't recall a single time using SS2 I had to recreate a corridor from scratch because I edited the alignment.