ORD 2019 update 1 - report on x-section - trying to get station offset of crossing features = problem with station offset report

Hi, when we were using using Inroads SS2 we could produce report of our cross section that include crossing features.  The way we processed would be:

1- generate the cross section

2- update with the proposed top surface crossing feature (ex: left of pavement, right of pavement, CL of ditch, etc..)

3- Annotate the features

4- Generate a cross section report, the report would then include the station of the alignment (station of the generated cross sections) and also the other points that were added in the section.

We could then have station offset, X,Y,Z of points at given station.

So how do we do in ORD?

There is the station offset report, but there is two problems with this command:

1- it's not giving the element elevation, it can only show the alignement elevation not the different elements. - Is this a bug???  When I'm using this command to get my left end of pavement station-offset-elevation I want the elevation to be the left side of pavement not the center line.

2- the starting station of the element is based on the station of the element, so if my element start at station 320+184.48 an I set an interval of 10m the next station would then be 320+194.48 an so on…  So with this method I cannot get what I could with SS2.  If I'm giving this to the surveyor he is not going to be happy.

any help please.