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Will OR have any allowance for hand-editing cross sections?

I know this speaks more to workflow than software development, but I do not believe that the workflow will disappear just because the software develops.

I understand that the corridor model is the desired output from Openroads, and if everything is done 100% correctly, the model will account for all of the design in a project. When that is achieved, all quantities can be developed from that model.

I am concerned that not all projects can or will be done to 100% completion via modeling. If the software has no options for hand editing, or processing after hand edits are made, it is going to create more work.
I work with several older engineers. They are not planning to retire any time soon. To them, the time spent creating templates and end conditions and all of the controls to fit every single condition perfectly is wasted because "we could just draw it and be done by now". I have one engineer who will not use modeling at all, and draws his proposed cross sections by hand if the job is "short enough".

Geopak calculated earthwork end areas by examining the elements of each cross sections, and using those to determine areas. While this is less precise then generating a complete corridor and comparing model volumes, it was very useful because it allowed for hand editing of cross sections when necessary without completely breaking the usefulness of the sections.  What options will OpenRoads offer to engineers who choose to only utilize a portion of the software?
Or, if you don't use it all (perfectly) you will just be out of luck?

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