Geopak SS4 with Microstation V8i SS10 Error

Installed the newly released Microstation V8i SS10 with Geopak SS4 but getting an error similar to another post about Inroads and Microstation SS10. Will there be a Geopak release that's compatible with this new Microstation V8i SS10?

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    Am I understanding this chart correctly? As I understand from reading this, in January 2020 (seven months from now) any and all of the software that we (and others) have purchased prior to SS10/Connect will no longer be licensable, and so will no longer be usable.

    Is this correct, or am I mistaken?
    Please give me a concrete answer. I have seen the chart. I am asking for clarification on the chart, because the chart is not crystal clear.

    We have years worth of projects that have been begun and partially completed in SS2. If we absolutely will not be able to use that software package at all after January, we need to know that.

    MicroStation SS10 is not/will not be a big deal. InRoads SS2 IS a big deal to us.


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