Geotechnical borelogs in profile


I am using Geopak v8i SS4.

I have created a few new borehole cell patterns and have tried everything I know to get the patterns to appear in the profile view.  However, everything I have tried has failed.  The following is the workflow I am using:

  1. Created and defined cell library patterns.  Ensured each pattern is set as "can be placed as cell" in model properties.
  2. Defined pattern names in Preferences and saved the cell library name/location with each pattern in use.
  3. Defined the cell pattern name in the csv file named "materials.csv", under material_name column.
  4. Also, attached cell library to the element pull down under cell.
  5. Placed cell library file and csv files in working directory which happens to be the gpk folder for the project.
  6. I have typed RC=<s[pace> <return> in key-ins to release old cell library connections.
  7. Have deleted rsc files.
  8. Have re-booted system, renamed cell library when moved to gpk folder, deleting older copies to streamline data connections.

Yet nothing seems to produce the cell patterns in the profile borelogs.   I do however, get only two of the patterns out of 8 that should show in the borelogs, and one of those is out dated, but is not updating.

I would like to complete the project this weekend if possible.  Any thoughts of what I am missing would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance for any help with this issue.

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