Profile-alignment length disagreement


I am using Geopak v8i SS4.

I have built an alignment but cannot get the profile cell length to match the alignment length.  I have tried everything such as:

  1. Compressed file by: File->compress->options->design.
  2. Have rebuilt database by: navigator->typed "rebuild database".
  3. Have re-stationed alignment by: navigator->double click chain, set beginning station.
  4. Have re-stationed the profile by: navigator->element->profile->re-station.

When all that failed to correct the profile cell length after re-building profile and alignment, I deleted the gpk file and project.  Then rebuilt gpk and project; storing chain to gpk and re-sampling profile from line element.  I have also set User to none, to keep my dot workspace presets from interfering with this project (non-dot type).

However, the problem persists: the profile cell is longer than the alignment.  I think this problem is the source of my issue with custom hatch patterns not appearing in profile borelogs. per my previous post.

If anyone has a suggestion(s), I am all ears, will be greatly appreciated if someone out there can solve this...