OpenRoads Text favourite's into Microstation Connect

When I open DGN outputs created by OpenRoads the Text Favourites do not display in Microstation Connect. This affects all outputs including Long Sections, Cross Sections and Control Lines

I have tried using the same workspaces and ensuring that the Text Favourite Variable is mapped. However if I open the files with OpenRoads or OpenBridge with no workspace applied, I am able to see the text favourites. It is just Microstation Connect (Edition 12) where the Text Favourites do not populate with any data.

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  • Hi Mark,

    Please see below for the response Bentley gave me.

    I didn't use Bentley's workaround as I didn't want to disable fields. By upgrading to the new Connect Update 13 however it has solved the problem for me. I had tried having it mapped to the text favourites but this didn't do anything as it was a problem with the software.

    I have discussed this issue with an analyst specializing in OpenRoads CONNECT Edition and they mentioned that MicroStation CONNECT Edition does not understand how to evaluate OpenRoads Text Favorites but it tries to and fails. If you set MS_AUTO_UPDATE_FIELDS = NEVER then it will retain the last used value that was in OpenRoads. This variable has to be defined before any of these files are opened in MicroStation CE otherwise it will not display properly. Apparently MicroStation CE Update 13 will not try to evaluate OpenRoads text favorites so it should not be needed from then on.