[ORD R2] Doubling corridor elements


there is an ORD's problem which I cannot solve for a very long time and since I did not get any response from Bentley on my SR the Communties is my last chance. I implemented ORD in quite a big project (12km of expressway) so we have plenty of road models. Most of them after reproccessing the corridor leave old elements. Sometimes these are lines, sometimes mesh components and sometimes everything. It's very annoying because I cannot find the reason for this and almost everytime it's something different. I thought that maybe clipping elements mess with corridor functionality (they do but in a different way), but after few tests I have excluded them as a reason of doubling corridor elements. Our team is terribly frustrated of losing precious time because most of the times the only solution is to make a new clean, file, which will be infected after few weeks or even days.

Is there anyone who had similar issues or knows something about this defect? I would be grateful for any reponse.


Krzysztof Jędrych