[ORD 2019 R2] Workspace on a Network

Has anyone found a way to have a workspace on a network, but have the delivered workspace still located at its default location? Generally, we want users to access our workspace for its settings, but if they need to do a self paced training, we would also want to allow them to use the training and example workspaces. We would rather not put a full copy of them on the server, but only have files needed for our workspace located there.

I have a very good grasp of pre-ORD workspaces, but this is pretty much starting over from scratch.

In the past, I have managed to have PCF files that change folders of UCF files and UCF files that change folder of PCF files. I'm hoping I can select a Workspace and the list of worksets will change, and that some of these will be on the users C: Drive and others will be on the network.

Any ideas or tips will be greatly appreciated. 

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