ORD Create P-P sheets - Plan Portion is blank

Creating plan/profile sheets in OpenRoads designer.  Named Boundaries process goes OK, although this is a massively frustrating tool in the way that it restricts inputs to the dialog.

Then comes to generate drawings.  All the drawing models get created fine. All the sheet models get created fine. Everything is in the right place.


  • The plan view drawing models are blank.  The reference file is attached but invisible. By trial and error I found a way to make it visible by detach the reference then immediately undo.
  • The plan portion of the sheets is similarly invisible, although no matter what I try I cannot find a trick to make it visible.

Has anyone run into his before?

By way of commentary: I must say that Bentley dropped the ball on sheeting.  What's my evidence? When many people discuss just manually referencing and clipping as a viable alternative, then you have missed the mark on the tool which is supposed to automate such things.