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OpenSite / OpenRoads / OpenRail Designer 2019 Release 2 (Refresh) –

Further to the post -


I’m pleased to announce that the refresh build ( has been made available and notifications in Connection Client should start coming through and it is available in Software Downloads.


I’d like to that this opportunity to apologize for the delay in delivering this build but we had to ensure that the refresh cleaned up any static graphics introduced in and needed to take time to evaluate multiple project workflows.


After installing the refresh build, project files previously opened in 2019 R2 will go through an automatic rule evaluation followed by healing of any 'static / orphaned' corridor graphics. This process may take a short while depending on the complexity of the file but it is a single time action per file. A message is provided in the message center saying the relationships and graphics have been repaired.



All previous installations in organizations should be updated from to to avoid creation of further static graphics.

Where projects / files are managed in PW, creating a new file version or if unmanaged, creating a manual backup, before undertaking this automated update process is considered a prudent.

Any Civil Cells created in should be opened in this refresh build.


Note: Moving from earlier versions of OpenRoads the rule evaluation and graphics healing is not necessary.



The following is a list of user reported issues relating to static graphics that are addressed in this release


1055224 [Orphaned graphic] static objects after corridor reprocess

1055403 [Orphaned graphic] Undo after a Reference dependency synchronization occurs can create static graphics

1057837 [Orphaned graphic] Corridor Mesh component info is missing from Project Explorer

1049753 [Orphaned graphic] Corridors not cleaning up 3D linear elements when making design changes

1048193 [Orphaned graphic] Cannot delete 3D linear element created by corridor

1049636 [Orphaned graphic] Cannot delete contour element created by corridor

1049105 [Orphaned graphic] Error modifying corridor after deletion and undo

1048538 [Orphaned graphic] Error placing civil cells brought forward from 10.6

1048207 [Orphaned graphic] Left Over 3d Elements

1049160 [Orphaned graphic] Static features appear when updating the corridor

1052734 [Orphaned graphic] Civil Cells not updating to underlying geometry changes

1049088 [Orphaned graphic] Undo Corridor changes results in static elements


Additionally given the time necessary to address the main issue, we have taken the opportunity to pull in some commonly reported user stability issues.


1055564 [Drawing Production] Errors when adjusting profile named boundary

1028736 [Drawing Production] Profile sheets lose save views attachments.

1059002 [Geometry] Error occurring using profile by variable slope

1042749 [Geometry] Project slope from element  not creating the profile

1055213 [Geometry] Error evaluating projected profiles with corridors

1050572 [Bentley Software Quality Report] Named Boundaries > Opening Named Boundary Manager crashes product

1052604 [Superelevation] Import super from CSV not applying parabolic curves to corridor

1003099 [Superelevation] Import Super from CSV with parabolic curves incorrectly applied in the corridor

1058119 [Superelevation] Error recalculating applied superelevation

1058124 [Superelevation] Superelevation point control assigned to the corridor does not update the pavement slope

1050818 [Asset Manager] Error applying Item Types to Complex Elements

1045004 [Asset Manager] Alignment, station, offset values do not compute

1045008 [Asset Manager] Expressions that begin with "this" will not import from asset manager spreadsheet