Creating Named Boundaries from Drawing Boundaries

Hey all,

I am having issues trying to place a Named Boundary from a Drawing Boundary. I have figured out that the drawing boundaries are located in the DrawComp.dgnlib file that is delivered with the Bentley Install. 

I have been trying to re-create these drawing boundaries from scratch with no luck. 


Here is what I know and have done:

Figured out that the “Civil Types” (Civil Plan, Civil Profile, and Civil Cross Section) are placed in 3D they seem to work fine as shown below

Whenever I chose to place one in a 2D view I don’t see any Drawing Boundaries.

When I create the Drawing Boundary using the Drawing Type “Detail”  I am able to see when I try to place the named Boundary.

 But when I got to make the actual Drawing Model and Sheet model using the Create Drawing function I am not able to select a Drawing Seed

 So what I have gathered so far is that the Drawing Types that have Civil in them can only be placed in a 3D view.

The other types General/Detail can be placed in a 2D View.

There are not Drawing Seeds to select from like I was able to above with the Plan Sheet.

Also, the Bentley Delivered DrawComp seed file has to be renamed or it will show up with all of their drawing boundaries. I have it renamed in this one to show what we have. They have both 2D and 3D drawing boundaries.

I made a video of the workflow I was using as well to better communicate my process.

Any help is appreciated.


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