Cross section

Hello there again. I would like to ask you, guys, how I can creat and set up cross section in open site. Whatever I change in settings (Explorer -> Annotation group -> Cross section -> Drawing -> 'my personal settings from our dataset in our company') I can't see in final sheet where I created cross secion of my river bed.

So, my question is, how I can set up cross section in open site If I want something like is on the picture. There are all vertical and horizontal dimensions, stations etc. Thanks a lot for the answers.

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  • by any chance, do you know if we are able to specify direction of those created cross sections? In Power InRoads(SS2/SS4) in Preferences window, we could choose ordering like "Down to Top" or "Top to Down". Within InRoads it looked like this (it's not in english, but you should get it):

    I've already found 4 civil crosssection variables, but I have no idea where to specify the direction of newly created XSections... By default it is set to Bottom to Top and we need them to grow opposite way (Top to bottom).

    I'd be glad for any help.