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Hello there again. I would like to ask you, guys, how I can creat and set up cross section in open site. Whatever I change in settings (Explorer -> Annotation group -> Cross section -> Drawing -> 'my personal settings from our dataset in our company') I can't see in final sheet where I created cross secion of my river bed.

So, my question is, how I can set up cross section in open site If I want something like is on the picture. There are all vertical and horizontal dimensions, stations etc. Thanks a lot for the answers.

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  • Hello Jakub.

    I think, it depends on how you create a stationing with feature definition. There are two options, like you said, from Bot to Top or Top to Bot. If you set stationing to your line you are creating cross section, it depends how you set it up. 

    It works like if you put mouse on your line, you can see a narrow on one of two ends - and where the narrow is depends on which half of line you are. 

    1. Draw line
    2. Set up feature definition with stationing
      1. Set feature definition - set it active - set up annotation (it's not necessary)
    3. Use Geometry - horizontal - Complex by Element
      1. move mouse on your line, you will see a little narrow on one of two ends of the line
        1. and this shouls change cross section way as you want
    4. Accept Complex by Element
    5. Create cross section
      1. you should see difference

    Here is my solution, if you did not get you problem I am sorry, I tried my best. 

    P.s. I was trying the same thing and it worked for me

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