Feature definitions and symbologies are not recognise in Openroads designer connect edition.

I have loaded Templates, levels, feature definitions and symbologies in the attached dgnlib. For test I have imported the attached text file which is in Point, Northing, Easting, Elev, Code format.

But i didn't get the linear features connected, all the features showing in Red.Also the symbols are not showing.

Can anyone check my feature definitions and symbologies are correctly loaded or not. Also why the cells are not loaded automatically event though i have kept the cells in the proper path as defied in the workspace.52a.csvFeatures.dgnlibLSS_V8iCells.cel

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  • The newest migration tools work really well, if one is coming from InRoads. They are more work that earlier efforts, but you get more control over what converts.

    The GEOPAK to XIN tool does not offer the flexibility that a true InRoads XIN offers. That tool was designed almost exclusively to get an XIN for Corridor Modeling. Much of the XIN also serves a similar function to the D*c Manager database.

    The new tools, create XML files for importing as Feature Definitions (Feature Styles), Feature Symbologies and Element Templates (Named Symbologies).   

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