OpenRoads - Profile Drawing seed - Sheet Model seed not found


I am wondering whether anyone else encountered similar problem with Profile and XS drawing seeds where the Sheet Model seed model is not found.

Following the tutorial found here: (chapter 7 - drawing production) I've created my DGNLIBs with profile sheet definitions and XS sheet definitions. I added the files to my DGNLIBLIST config variable, and I see them while choosing drawing seed when creating drawings from named boundaries. The problem is - the software does not recognize Sheet Model:

Im also attaching my config Variables:


Does anyone have any idea what im doing wrong? Or had similar problem?

I'd be glad for any help...

Thank you in advance,


  • Well it seems I figured it out...

    the config variable MS_REF_DEFAULTSETTINGS > synchWithSavedView=none was causing the trouble... Now I can make sheets from seeds.

    However it causes another problem - inside those sheets we are not able to be sure that sheet content is seen same as in default (design) from which those sheets were created (Presentation is same as in saved view and not as in model where such saved view is referring to) e.g. saved view was't syncing when i changed some references or added new ones.

    I found a post about that - Syncing with saved view in sheet models - there someone advised to change that setting - so I did... not knowing what a bunch of problems it's gonna cause...

    Does anyone have any idea how to maintaing Master Design model's symbology to be same in created sheet models? Or It's just me who is doing things the roundabout way...?


  • Jakun,

    I know this post was a few years ago but I have come across the same thing recently while making new dnglibs and sheets for my dept, for some reason now I am missing the sheet model seed and it is not showing up at all but shows up on others, this has been baffling because I too have followed the steps in the ORD training videos to no avail.  Did you figure out the solution? 

    I would be grateful for a solution if you have found one.

    thanks joe.

  • Joseph:

    Following up on this issue- and while I can not speak to any possible ProjectWise issues- the configuration file for the sheet model seed and additional seeds for the creation of sheet dgnlibs contains the following lines in that _Civil_Default Standards.cfg file:



    The pathing here for the sheet model seed (MS_SHEETMODELSEED) would seem to be your issue here.

    Assuming that you are using such a default configuration, the seed path should then result in the following expanded location:

    (Workspace Location)\Configuration\Organization-Civil\_Civil Default Standards - Imperial\Seed

    The seed files found there would be Seed2D - Imperial Design and Seed3D - Imperial Design, and within that location should be a folder named "Sheets" and within that folder should be Seed2D - Imperial Drawing.dgn and Seed2D - Imperial Sheet.dgn.

    Another way of visualizing that pathing would be to take a look at the default C:\ProgramData\Bentley\OpenRoads Designer CE 10.11\Configuration\Organization-Civil\_Civil Default Standards - Imperial directory that the program is initially installed into.

    What do you mean by "now I am missing the sheet model seed and it is not showing up at all but shows up on others".; shows up on "others" what?

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