Can't access training worksets and no access to RSS feeds.

I'm currently using ORD Connect Edition 2019 Release 2 Update 7 - Version I can not access any RSS feeds and I do not have the the bentley training worksets on my computer. Is there anyway I can download those now? or do I need to have my company reinstall?

I have tried to download datasets from the training links but even in the training they state that the files were download with the install of ORD however I don't have those files.

I've read through other similar questions and it all just has someone pointing torward the READ ME which points to the LearnServer with points to the trainings that have datasets without the worksets being used in the sessions.

  • Hi Matthew, the WorkSets (examples and training) are delivered with the OpenRoads Designer product. You should find the C:\ProgramData\Bentley\OpenRoads Designer CE\Configuration\WorkSpaces\Training and Examples.cfg and a folder with the same name at the same location. If you do not have these you will need to run the installation program again to add them to your computer.

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